From The Report: Tunisia 2019
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Given Tunisia’s location in the centre of North Africa and its proximity to Europe, the country’s transport sector plays a vital role in its economy, and improving the efficiency of the transport network will continue to present new opportunities. The country’s well-connected port and air infrastructure have historically formed the basis of its competitiveness in global markets as well as its ability to leverage labour cost advantages. At home, government-directed, trans¬port-focused construction projects account for a large chunk of public spending as part of a drive to mitigate regional disparities, encourage urban mobility and increase international connectivity. Growing its internal and regional trade links with its African neighbours and trading partners across the Mediterranean will build momentum, and, in the long term, the transport sector will be poised to deliver significant opportunities for future growth. This chapter contains an interview with Sana Skhiri, President, Tunisian National Federation of Airfreight Forwarders.