ICT & Innovation
From The Report: Tunisia 2019
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With rising mobile usage rates and ongoing improvements to telecoms infrastructure, the expansion of digital services is opening up new opportunities for Tunisia’s economic growth. In order for the sector to transition from an underserved market to a central driver of socio-economic development, the government has a vital role to play. As the largest customer for e-services, the public sector is responsible for supporting the implementation of new technology on a local level as well as promoting foreign investment. Nonetheless, with promising mobile and internet penetration rates, and steady growth for the three major telecoms providers, the outlook for Tunisia’s ICT sector remains strong over the medium term. This chapter contains interviews with Anouar Maârouf, Minister of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy; Hichem Turki, General Director, Sousse Technology Park; and Anis Sahbani, Founder and CEO, Enova Robotics.