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From The Report: Tunisia 2018
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Building on years of experience, Tunisian manufacturing capacity has been able to capitalise on the country’s geographic position and track record for quality. This, plus the improvement of transport infrastructure and enacting business-friendly regulations, has encouraged the emergence of a handful of significant industrial subsectors, which have aided in employing a growing number of Tunisians and diversifying the economy. However, Tunisia’s overall business environment has been negatively impacted by the post-revolution climate, with a decline in foreign direct investment. Tunisia’s retail sector has been affected by political instability, falling consumer confidence and currency devaluation in recent years. Still, improving security and the positive performance of international industries that rely on Tunisian suppliers underline the resilience of the local industry and retail sectors. This chapter contains interviews with Slim Feriani, Minister of Industry and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; and Nabil Chaibi, CEO, Ulysse Hyper Distribution – Carrefour Tunisie.