From The Report: Tunisia 2017
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The transport sector has long played a key role in Tunisia’s development given the country’s focus on exports and tourism. A combination of low logistical costs and proximity to European markets helped it attract visitors and export everything from olive oil to airplane components. As part of the Tunisia 2020 strategy, the government has been looking to regain logistical competitiveness and appears to be on track to do so, with private investors pledging approximately $15bn in infrastructure investments during the November 2016 Tunisia 2020 Conference. However, following through with the development strategy will depend on the government’s ability to attract further foreign investment, improve the business climate and channel the social aims of trade unions. The transport sector is crucial for Tunisia to restore confidence, recover its role as an industrial workshop for Europe, and convert itself into a key logistics hub between Europe and Africa.

This chapter contains interviews with Anis Ghedira, Minister of Transport; and Anis Riahi, General Manager, Express Air Cargo.