Agriculture & Water
From The Report: Jordan 2012
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Making up more than 15% of its exports – up from 12.7% in 2007 – the agricultural sector in Jordan is small but strong. Produce makes up the majority of exports, with livestock farming also playing a significant role locally and abroad. In particular, Jordan has the potential to increase its exports to the European market. Although few Jordanian companies are currently certified to export to the EU, the number that are is expected to grow. At the same time however, demand in Syria for Jordanian produce declined in 2011, and Iraq has banned imports of Jordanian vegetables, claiming that its local production was sufficient. More positively, recent moves by Saudi Arabia to allow Jordanian produce imports provide new opportunities in the sector. Lastly, in an effort to boost its agricultural sector and improve access to water, Jordan has developed strategies to alleviate the water burden; wastewater treatment and water desalination are among the solutions.

This chapter includes an interview with Mousa Al Jamaani, Minister of Water and Irrigation; and Jean Louis Chaussade, CEO of Suez Environnement.