From The Report: Thailand 2014
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The 26.7m international arrivals in 2013 represented a 20% rise on 2012. China was the top source of visitors with a 6.9% increase to 4.7m. Next came Malaysia (2.99m), Russia (1.73m), Japan (1.53m), South Korea (1.29m), Laos (1.1m) and India (1.04m). The Tourism Authority of Thailand set 28.01m visitors as the goal for 2014. The Tourism Council of Thailand is more optimistic, forecasting 29.92m foreign tourist arrivals, with revenue up 18% to $44.1bn, over 2013’s estimated $37.9bn. Visitor numbers are expected to continue to grow, so maintaining infrastructure development will be key to ensuring the industry keeps up. The long-term relationships within the ASEAN Economic Community, and Thailand’s role as the largest and strongest tourist market in the region, will likely be on the agenda of many meetings.

This chapter contains an interview with Manit Boonchim, Executive Director, Planning Department, Tourism Authority of Thailand.