From The Report: Sri Lanka 2017
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After years of strong economic growth and population expansion, Sri Lanka’s telecoms and IT sectors face increasing demand for a wider range of services. At the same time, a more tech-savvy populace has increasing expectations of service standards and quality, as technological changes reach greater numbers of people. With a dedicated government ministry ensuring that the activities of the country’s ICT institutions under its purview are aligned with national objectives and connecting research and development with industry requirements, the country is on the right path in having a good pair of hands at the ICT helm. This is underscored by the digital economy’s growth, which is in turn enabled by Sri Lanka’s excellent access to undersea cables and a new cable system that is significantly speeding up the country’s connectivity.

This chapter contains interviews with Dileepa Wijesundera, Group CEO, Sri Lanka Telecom; and Madu Ratnayake, Executive Vice-President and General Manager, VirtusaPolaris.