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From The Report: Saudi Arabia 2019
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Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East and the 13th-largest nation in the world, with an area of approximately 2.15m sq km, covering 80% of the Arabian Peninsula. Home to an estimated 15% of the world’s proven oil reserves and the single-largest economy in MENA, Saudi Arabia is a key player both regionally and globally. Established in September 1932, in recent years the Kingdom has poured its considerable financial resources into a series of large-scale economic development, diversification and modernisation initiatives. Saudi Arabia has attracted international attention for the momentum of its socio-economic transformation, taking place under the auspices of the Vision 2030 development blueprint. This chapter contains a viewpoint from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and an interview with Prince Khalid bin Faisal Al Saud, Governor, Makkah Province.