Health & Life Sciences
From The Report: Saudi Arabia 2018
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Recent years have seen a profound restructuring of the Saudi health care sector, with major reform plans being rolled out that foresee not only future expansion, but a much more significant role for the private sector. These moves are being made are in response to a number of basic challenges, brought about by both economic and demographic developments. According to Tawfiq Al Rabiah, the minister of health, these developments mean that some SR250bn ($66.7bn) of investment in the sector will be required up to 2030. This considerable sum will be injected into a system undergoing far-reaching structural change, with increased emphasis on quality of service and the pursuit of alternative funding models to the current public purse. A major initiative to localise both staffing and materials is also under way, and is likely to see increasing investment in training and recruitment of Saudis, and support to domestic pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supply manufacturers.

This chapter contains an interview with Dr Haitham Alfalah, CEO, King Saud Medical City.