From The Report: Saudi Arabia 2013
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Over the past decade Saudi Arabia’s insurance industry has become an important contributor to the economy. In 2011 the sector brought in gross written premiums of $4.93bn, up nearly 13% from $4.37bn the previous year. The majority of this expansion took place in the health and general insurance segments, which together account for more than 95% of the total market. Going forward, with the Kingdom’s rapidly growing population becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of coverage, the industry is expected to continue to expand. While insurance penetration remains low compared to more developed markets around the world, most projections show it rising through 2020 as a result of the Kingdom’s strong economic fundamentals. The reinsurance industry has also grown substantially in recent years.

This chapter includes an interview with Abdullah Al Sharif, Secretary-General, Council of Cooperative Health Insurance. It also includes a viewpoint with Dr Metaib Al Rawqi, CEO, Weqaya Insurance.