Transport & Infrastucture
From The Report: Sarawak 2015
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The state’s once underdeveloped transportation infrastructure is transitioning from a maligned weakness to a position of strength as improvements to air, sea and land connections continue to ease the flow of goods and people within Sarawak and abroad. For an island state whose inland waterways also still serve as the primary conduit for moving people and cargo internally, water transportation remains a key element in Sarawak’s logistical network and its further augmentation remains a focal point for future development. Road interconnectivity has been a high priority of federal development plans and a prerequisite of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy. Major investments in Sarawak’s transportation network are providing a substantial leap in capacity and capability, which should provide a strong base for the expected growth in coming years.

This chapter contains interviews with Michael Manyin Jawong, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications; Mior Ahmad Baiti, CEO, Bintulu Port Holdings; and Ritzerwan Rashid, CEO, MASwings.