Telecoms & IT
From The Report: Sarawak 2015
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The development of high-tech industries is a key part of the Malaysian government’s long-term development strategy, the Economic Transformation Programme. Numerous programmes have been launched in Sarawak to develop ICT, with participation between public and private sector players recognised as a key component of success. While Sarawak’s ICT sector is clearly moving towards the goals set for it by the overall national development plan, government ministers recognise that more needs to be done in order for the sector to really take off. As the state continues to build the basic infrastructure and market improvements necessary to bring its ICT sector up to par – setting down fibre-optic networks, building more communications towers and laying submarine cables – the businesses that power Sarawak’s ICT sector will be anticipating the opening of the next level of the communication highway.

This chapter contains an interview with Sudarnoto Osman, CEO, SACOFA.