From The Report: Qatar 2024
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Qatar emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic in robust shape, delivering a vaccine programme that had, as of May 2024, delivered 7.6m doses. The successful organisation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup helped boost the country’s global reputation for health care service delivery. During the tournament, the country deployed medical services across 100 competition and non-competition sites, with 113 clinics, 114 ambulances, 212 mobile medical units and approximately 2275 staff providing support. The favourable impression generated by Qatar’s efforts to ensure the health of visitors during the tournament is poised to bolster its position as it competes with other GCC countries in attracting health care investment and medical tourism.

This chapter contains interviews with Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari, Minister of Public Health, and Managing Director of Hamad Medical Corporation; and Mariam Ali Abdul Malik, Managing Director of the Primary Health Care Corporation.