Real Estate
From The Report: Qatar 2017
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The built environment of Qatar has seen some spectacular changes in recent years, with rapid growth and a range of iconic towers, malls, gated communities, hotels and luxury villas coming onto the market. Swift expansion has transformed the skyline and propelled the country into the top ranks of the global real estate market. However, the fast-paced build-up of various segments is beginning to show signs of outstripping demand, and the sector may face some challenges in the short to medium term as the rest of Qatar’s economy plays catch-up with robust real estate expansion. Opportunities remain, however, as the need to fill out the housing, hotel and retail portfolios with more mid-range options persists, while a pipeline of major infrastructure projects reaching completion in the run-up to hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup should see a revaluing of a great number of Doha’s neighbourhoods. At the same time, a shift to higher-quality, lower-cost developments is also being brought on by current market conditions, as tenants demand more for their money. This chapter contains an interview with Nabeel Mohammed Al Buenain, Group CEO, Qatari Diar.