From The Report: Qatar 2016
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Over the past half-decade Qatar has posted robust economic growth on the back of strong hydrocarbons revenues, state-led infrastructure development and a rapidly maturing financial sector. According to Standard & Poor’s, from 2010 to 2015 it was one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, posting average annual GDP growth of 8.6%. Qatar is the world’s top exporter of liquefied natural gas and has the third-largest proven natural gas reserves. Consequently, Qatar’s indigenous population is among the wealthiest in the world, with the country reporting a per capita GDP in excess of $100,000. While gas and oil exports account for a majority of GDP, a handful of non-hydrocarbons sectors have expanded rapidly in recent years. Non-hydrocarbons growth was 7.7% in 2015, while hydrocarbons growth contracted by 0.1%. 

This chapter contains interviews with Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed Al Thani, Minister of Economy and Commerce; and Vice-Chairperson, Qatar Investment Authority; Saleh bin Mohamed Al Nabit, Minister of Development Planning and Statistics; Yousuf Mohamed Al Jaida, CEO and Board Member, Qatar Financial Centre Authority; Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al Khalifa, CEO, Qatar Development Bank; and Fahad Rashid Al Kaabi, CEO, Manateq.