Capital Markets
From The Report: Qatar 2015
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The Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) was upgraded to emerging market status in the summer of 2014 and its 18.36% gain for the year ensured the QSE’s performance was the fastest-growing exchange in the region that year. Recent regulatory reforms should ensure the QSE can successfully capitalise on its new status and attract increased foreign investment. In May 2014 the ceiling for foreign ownership of listed firms was raised from 29% to 49%, and the Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) has taken steps over the past year to improve the deal-making opportunities between the exchange’s listed companies. The recent regulatory changes have also sought to strike a balance between enhancing the integrity of the market and boosting its liquidity as the QFMA looks to ensure a well-regulated market capable of attracting sustained investment.

This chapter contains an interview with Rashid Al Mansoori, CEO, Qatar Stock Exchange.