From The Report: Qatar 2014
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Having shown considerable resilience in the face of the global economic crisis, Qatar’s banks now stand to benefit from the nation’s anticipated economic growth. A pipeline of large-scale projects and the government’s development strategy, which is set to use the country’s hydrocarbons revenues to bring about economic diversification, both promise to supply lenders with plentiful opportunities for asset expansion. The highly capitalised banks which operate in the domestic market are also well positioned to expand their brands internationally, a strategic goal considered necessary in view of the limited size of the home market. Moves into foreign markets were a prominent theme in 2013 and will likely remain so going forward as lenders seek to increase their international footprints.
This chapter contains interviews with Sheikh Abdulla bin Saoud Al Thani, Governor, Qatar Central Bank; and Sheikh Hamad bin Faisal bin Thani Al Thani, Chairman, Al Khaliji.