From The Report: Qatar 2012
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High oil and natural gas prices, combined with a 20-year strategic investment programme, have catapulted Qatar into the ranks of the highest per-capita income economies in the world. Yet the country continues to demonstrate an ability to leverage its significant natural resources to drive growth and is well placed to meet the goals and vision for economic diversification outlined by the National Vision 2030. The state has used its vast oil and gas revenues to create a strong foundation upon which other sectors can expand. The non-hydrocarbons economy is estimated to grow by between 9% and 10% until 2016. Moreover, winning the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup means that infrastructure expansion will likely support economic growth over the next 10 years to the tournament.

This chapter includes interviews with Yousef Hussain Kamal, Minister of Economy and Finance; Sheikh Jassim bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Minister of Business & Trade; and Saleh Al Nabit, Secretary-General, General Secretariat for Development and Planning (GSDP).