From The Report: The Philippines 2017
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With the power segment poised to rebound while the oil and gas segment struggles to keep pace with surging demand, the Philippine energy sector is very much in flux. However, years of significant investment in power are now beginning to bear fruit, with thousands of megawatts of new capacity slated to come on-line over the next decade. The arrival of this new electricity supply, in the form of both conventional and renewable sources, should have a substantial effect as the Luzon grid moves from the brink of rolling blackouts during peak summer months to a well-supplied and balanced market. Still unconnected from the Visayas and Luzon grids, the long-neglected Mindanao power system is also experiencing an unprecedented expansion of capacity, which should provide an ample power supply for the foreseeable future.

This chapter contains interviews with Guido Alfredo Delgado, President and CEO, Emerging Power Incorporated; and Albert D Altura, President, AG&P.