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From The Report: The Philippines 2016
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Lagging behind the region’s faster evolving markets when it comes to the provision and adoption rate of mobile broadband, data usage and mobile services in the Philippines are expected to grow as smartphones become more pervasive and the two leading operators continue to raise capital expenditure to upgrade existing networks and deploy 4G sites. Overall, the Philippine’s young population and expanding economy makes it an attractive market for telecoms firms to play. Despite the two incumbent operators enjoying an entrenched market position that makes them difficult to challenge, the propensity for Filipinos to consume online content and engage in social media presents opportunities for a range of technology firms involved in delivering media content, gaming, e-commerce and digital advertising. Encouraging demographics and a well established BPO industry suggest there are also strong opportunities for growth and ways to expand upon current operations in the IT sector. If harnessed effectively, the Philippines possesses a number of ingredients that position it to emerge as a globally competitive tech hub. This chapter contains an interview with Ryan Guadalquiver, Managing Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.