From The Report: The Philippines 2016
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Having been the only country in South-east Asia providing just 10 years of basic education to its population, the Philippines is working to join its neighbors and implement a K-12 system in 2016. Though the administration of President Benigno Aquino III is providing the Department of Education with more funding to aid the realization of this task, the challenge of doing so over a short transition period is unquestionable. The growing role of the private sector in providing educational services is crucial, with greater opportunities on the horizon and the government taking slow but steady steps to define them. Continuing reform is set to further integrate and incentivise private sector participation, as is happening in sectors like infrastructure and health care. Elsewhere, the challenges of access and quality remain, which the government continues to address through a host of pragmatic initiatives. This chapter contains an interview with Irene Isaac, Director-General, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.