From The Report: Peru 2018
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The transport sector remains a vital aspect of Peru’s economic success, growing by 2.30% in 2016, and by an average of 2.26% in the first eight months of 2017, according to the National Institute of Statistics. This expansion was driven by a 3.05% increase in airport transit, a 4.26% growth in railway transport, as well as respective increases of 2.11% and 0.74% for passenger and freight ground transport. To better compete internationally and accelerate the economic growth of its regions, Peru will have to prioritise reducing its logistics costs. Road transportation remains the area with the greatest future challenges as well as investment potential. That being said, significant upgrades in infrastructure, both at the urban and provincial levels, appear set to take place in the next few years. This chapter features an interview with Javier Lancha de Micheo, CEO, APM Terminals Callao.