From The Report: Peru 2018
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Since the market entry of new operators in 2014, competition, investment and consumption have risen, boosting the dynamism of the telecommunications sector. These positive trends continued into 2017 as the regulatory framework was strengthened, with a particular focus on driving competition, reducing costs and protecting the interests of consumers. In 2017 Peru’s ICT sector represented 2.6% of GDP, according to industry consulting firm Ovum. Political instability and an unfavourable regulatory environment are the main factors affecting the country’s competitiveness in terms of ICT adoption, according to the World Economic Forum. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for improvement regarding the country’s online security measures. With the bold expansion of internet access to rural areas and the renewed focus on strengthening cybersecurity measures, the Peruvian ICT sector is starting to establish itself as an emerging market in the region. This chapter features an interview with Rafael Muente Schwarz, President, OSIPTEL.