From The Report: Peru 2018
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Having 50% of its electricity generated from renewable sources – of which 42.7% comes from hydro – with this projected to reach 60% by 2025, Peru is making on progress on its goal to support the renewable energy segments. At the same time, the country is currently suffering from an oversupply of energy. This can serve as a growth opportunity, but only if the necessary demand can be identified and harnessed. Recognising untapped markets has the potential to make the energy sector more competitive. For example, electricity demand in the mining sector is estimated at 2 GW in 2018. According to 2017 data from the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, metal mining production increased by 4.2% over the course of the year, compared to the 2.4% drop seen in the hydrocarbons sector. The consistent growth of Peru’s energy sector in the past decade is not anticipated to slow in the near future. This chapter includes an interview with Rik de Buyserie, CEO and Country Manager, Engie Peru.