From The Report: Peru 2017
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The advent of plentiful natural gas has led to an evolution of the energy sector. Among President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s key pledges in the 2016 election campaign was the “massification of natural gas” to serve residents and industrial users across southern Peru. Another feature of Peru’s policy focus is to diversify gas exports, including the potential renegotiation of the country’s liquefied natural gas contract with Mexico. The government’s plan to use the country’s reserves to provide cheap fuel to both underserved citizens and industrial concerns should serve the economy well. Further infrastructure investment, to the tune of some $30bn, will be needed if the country is to reach its ambitious goals going forward, however, these plans are viable.

This chapter contains interviews with Gonzalo Tamayo, Minister of Energy and Mines, and Carlos Temboury, Director and Chairman, Enel Generación.