From The Report: Peru 2015
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In an effort to close the transport infrastructure gap, estimated to reach $20.9bn by 2021, Peruvian authorities are implementing heavy investment plans and making extensive use of public-private partnerships. With economic growth increasingly exposing the current limitations of Peru’s transport channels, efficiency and progress are key to ensuring sustainable growth in the future. Due to the economy’s heavy reliance on mineral exports, Peru’s links between its hinterland and export gateways on the coast remain essential, and this is encouraging expansion work in major road connections. Private management of port facilities is allowing for fresh investment in new equipment to increase capacity and shorten service times. Growth is also driving development of aviation infrastructure to raise capacity for domestic and international traffic. By land, water and air, the revamping of transportation infrastructure seems set to determine the country’s growth prospects over the medium term.

This chapter contains an interview with José Gallardo Ku, Minister of Transport and Communications.