Transport & Logistics
From The Report: Peru 2014
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Transport and logistics infrastructure in Peru has not kept pace with the high level of economic growth. According to a report released by the Association to Promote National Infrastructure in October 2012, $88bn in investment will be necessary over the period 2012-21 to close the existing infrastructure gap, a move essential for continued economic development. To this end, in 2011 the government launched a plan to invest $20.5bn in infrastructure over the following five years, and major efforts are being made to attract more private investment. In 2013 the government declared the promotion and facilitation of investment in Peru a national priority, with special emphasis on procedures and the issue of permits and licences. Apart from confronting the natural challenges posed by the nation’s rugged and mountainous terrain, the biggest challenge facing the sector in the short term will be pushing investment plans through the lengthy bureaucratic approval processes in a timely fashion.