Telecoms and IT
From The Report: Peru 2012
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The mobile segment has been responsible for driving growth in Peru’s telecoms sector, which expanded by 16.4% in 2011. While growth in 2012 is expected to cool down, new revenue streams from sources such as mobile data will continue to make the sector an important source of foreign direct investment. Meanwhile, with internet teledensity in the country still relatively low, at 4.39% in 2011, the IT sector will require more research and development initiatives, particularly to expand into rural areas, where less than 1% of all households have an internet connection. The government has laid out a new plan that will bring internet to all public schools in the country by 2016, which will raise teledensity to 12.7%.

This chapter includes a dialogue between Miguel Rivera, President, Nextel; and Javier Manzanares, President, Telefónica.