From The Report: Peru 2012
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In 2010 Peru was among the world’s top 10 producers of a variety of minerals, among them gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tin and mercury. Commodity prices of copper and gold have kept revenues high despite a decline in production over the last several years. Exports increased from $3.2bn in 2000 to $21.7bn in 2010, posting average annual growth of 58% during that period. While the mining industry has had to struggle with issues such as illegal mining, which has caused tremendous damage to the environment, as well as with the negative effects of the sector on indigenous populations, the government is working to strike a balance in development, legislating for consultation with local groups before licensing new projects.

This chapter features interviews with Pedro Martínez Carlevarino, President, National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy; and Roque Benavides, Chairman & CEO, CIA De Minas Buenaventura.