From The Report: Papua New Guinea 2019
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With the completion of two undersea fibre-optic cable projects due in the near term, Papua New Guinea’s ICT industry is on the cusp of significant change. The new infrastructure should bring down costs, improve internet speeds and reliability, and galvanise the ICT sector through the proliferation of digital and cloud-computing industries. Internet costs in PNG are among the highest in the region, with many businesses paying extra to have a combination of fixed-line, satellite and microwave wireless plans to ensure continuity of service in the event of disruption. As service provision improves in the coming years, funds previously allocated to securing a stable connection will be channelled towards other investments. In this light, the government has identified the digital economy as a primary area of focus. Solid foundations should allow small and medium-sized enterprises to tap global e-commerce channels, while enabling digital businesses to flourish across the broader economy. This chapter also contains an interview with Paul Komboi, Managing Director, DataCo.