Trade & Investment
From The Report: Papua New Guinea 2018
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With macroeconomic growth slumping and domestic demand weakening in the aftermath of a long construction boom, trade and investment in Papua New Guinea have faltered in recent years. However, ongoing geopolitical developments could see the situation change in 2018. China’s footprint in PNG has been growing, particularly in the lead up to the APEC Leaders’ Summit, which will be hosted in PNG for the first time in November 2018. Inter- national responses to rising Chinese competition should benefit PNG, with several of the country’s most important bilateral partners moving to shore up their presence in the country in recent times. Future trade ties are likely be steered by the government’s efforts to leverage the competing geopolitical interests to the country’s advantage. This chapter contains interviews with Clarence Hoot, Acting Managing Director, Investment Promotion Authority; Julie Bishop, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia; Stephen P Groff, Vice-President, Asian Development Bank; and Alan Bollard, Executive Director, APEC Secretariat.