From The Report: Papua New Guinea 2017
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Papua New Guinea’s banking sector is sound, stable and profitable. Despite slow economic growth in the country in recent years, institutions have managed their exposures well and entered the current weak patch in a strong position. They are generating good results and investing in future growth. Regulation is solid and improving, with the central bank updating key laws and bringing the sector closer to international standards in terms of anti-money laundering. Innovation is helping to improve customer experience and geographical coverage, while it also promises to revolutionise the way money moves throughout the country. The establishment of Kina Bank in 2015 did not result in a dramatic change in the competitive landscape, but the dynamics of the sector are evolving, with institutions increasingly responsive on price and offering. At the highest levels work on inclusion continues.

This chapter contains interviews with Loi Bakani, Governor, Bank of Papua New Guinea and Mark Baker, Managing Director, ANZ Bank Papua New Guinea.