From The Report: Papua New Guinea 2015
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With fewer than 50,000 visitors travelling to Papua New Guinea each year for leisure, according to figures from the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA), the country is far from a mainstream tourism destination. The sector remains largely undeveloped and is a relatively minor contributor to the overall economy. PNG is a challenging destination to travel to and within. Yet the more intrepid traveller who is willing to overcome some of the associated concerns and costs will be rewarded with a sense of adventure and authenticity that is difficult to match elsewhere. PNG boasts a diversity of attractions bundled together. And while not catering to the mass holiday market, enthusiasts in pursuit of any combination of distinct local cultures, history from the Second World War, unique flora and fauna, and some of the world’s best hiking, surfing and dive spots will not leave disappointed.

This chapter contains an interview with Richard Knight, Owner, Loloata Island Resort.