Telecoms & IT
From The Report: Papua New Guinea 2014
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While communications will always be difficult in a country where much of the population is geographically isolated and the terrain is so challenging, the relevant infrastructure in PNG is quickly developing towards international standards – and at prices that are near to international norms. For example, prior to competition entering the market, mobile phone SIM cards were sold for $54; however, after a second mobile operator was introduced, prices dropped to around $10. As internet speeds increase, capacity improves and costs come down, ICT is set to become a more integral part of many Papua New Guinean businesses, as they seek to improve their competitiveness. If all goes according to plan, international connectivity is set to receive a major boost, local connectivity will become faster and cheaper, and costs will fall further. It is also likely that consumers will have more choice as new players enter the market. This chapter contains an interview with Jimmy Miringtoro, Minister for Communication & Information Technology.