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From The Report: Nigeria 2016
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The Nigerian media industry is in the midst of what many local players consider to be a sea change. The rising popularity of ICT across the nation over the past decade and a half has had a major impact on the way Nigerians access media on a daily basis. This has created a range of challenges for print and broadcast media entities. The print industry, for instance, faces high levels of competition and falling revenues, as a steadily rising percentage of its output shifts online, where sufficient marketing and advertising models have yet to be fully developed or implemented. Furthermore, while broadcasters in particular are increasingly looking to the internet to help them reach new customers and larger markets, many Nigerians lack access to basic ICT services. However, the shift to digital is ultimately expected to be a boon to the industry, in that it has the potential to drastically expand the reach of local media producers, both domestically and further afield, with huge implications for revenues.