From The Report: Myanmar 2014
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While many sectors of Myanmar’s economy have great potential, the tourism sector is already highly profitable and growing rapidly. Flights to Myanmar have dramatically increased in number since 2010 as business visitors and leisure travellers flock to the frontier that until recently was isolated by international sanctions. In just four years, visitor numbers surged from 20,000 per year in 1992 to 200,000 per year in 1996, and they reached 2.04m in 2013. Given the dearth in hotel accommodations and other facilities to meet the surging demand, many operators have doubled or even tripled prices and investors are scrambling to build. Growing at a sustainable pace is key for the sector’s long-term success, and the government has made a decision not to overdevelop too quickly and to respect the landscape and cultures that attract tourists in the first place.
This chapter contains interviews with U Htay Aung, Union Minister, Ministry of Hotels & Tourism; and Frank Janmaat, Group General Manager, Amata Hotels and Resorts.