Health & Education
From The Report: Morocco 2020
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Morocco’s growing insured population and middle class is likely to incentivise additional investment in private health facilities and pharmaceutical production units. At the same time, the government has demonstrated progress in meeting goals set by Santé 25, which is likely to continue given the increase in the Ministry of Health budget in 2020. However, the public health sector will likely continue to face pressure to address the ongoing shortage of health professionals. Equipped with a new education law and an ambitious budget for 2020, Morocco is well positioned to reform its education system. The new law, puts into motion proposals recommended in its 15-year plan for the education sector, which runs from 2015 to 2030, and includes the recruitment and training of 200,000 new teachers. The plan bases the need for reform on the education system’s weaker areas, such as the economic difficulties faced by graduates. This chapter contains interviews with Amine Benabderrazik, President, Association of Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in Morocco.