Construction & Real Estate
From The Report: Morocco 2020
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Morocco’s construction sector has performed moderately well since the global financial crisis of 2007-08. Public policy efforts have also been directed towards supporting local small and medium-sized enterprises and upskilling workers. For Morocco’s construction sector to achieve its target of generating $8.4bn by 2022, it will need to maintain a steady momentum of public investment. At the same time, efforts to upgrade the legal framework in order to enable effective public-private partnership projects, formalise small-scale subcontractors and upskill the workforce will be required to raise productivity and increase the value of infrastructure projects. Meanwhile, the real estate sector recorded a subdued performance on most indicators in 2019, as prices and demand continued to fall or show little improvement. Nevertheless, construction will drive on across all real estate segments, as Morocco experiences rapid population and economic growth. This chapter contains interviews with Nouzha Bouchareb, Minister of National Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and Urban Policy; and Nawfal Bendefa, Managing Partner, REIM Partners.