From The Report: Morocco 2019
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Basic education indicators such as school attendance and literacy rates are rising in Morocco, particularly for higher education, where attendance has rapidly accelerated in recent times and is set to rise further as the government expands eligibility. The authorities are stepping up investment in the sector, with plans in the works for increased spending, better infrastructure and the establishment of universal preschool. However, the sector continues to face a range of challenges, including student retention and teaching quality. Building on long-term advances in basic sector indicators such as near-universal youth literacy, education outcomes and the quality of provision appear set for further improvement due to a renewed focus on teacher recruitment and training, rising rates of secondary school and university attendance, and the promotion of preschool. The uptake of private education also appears likely to continue along its current growth trajectory, as the kingdom’s economy expands and income levels rise.

This chapter contains an interview with Ahmed Benyahia, CEO, Holding Générale de l’Education.