From The Report: Morocco 2013
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Agriculture contributed 13.2% of GDP in 2011, up slightly from an average yearly contribution of 13% of GDP between 2006 and 2010. Poor weather conditions in the first quarter of 2012 significantly reduced the seasonal output of many crops. However, efforts to boost investment, restructure the sector and modernise agricultural practices should help to protect against future shocks. The sector is expected to continue expanding in the coming years as domestic demand grows and progress is made on the sector’s development strategy, the Green Morocco Plan (Plan Maroc Vert, PMV). By 2020, the PMV’s first pillar aims to increase the value of agricultural exports from €711m to €3.9bn, primarily by developing high-value crops such as citrus, fruits and vegetables, and olives. To meet its ambitious targets, the kingdom will need to generate considerable investment from the private sector.