From The Report: Mongolia 2014
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As roads are being built, and as related infrastructure is developed, Mongolia’s connectivity and logistics are greatly improving. Significant investments in transportation have been made in recent years, especially in 2013, and more are expected. The government is spending $200m to revamp 33 intersections in Ulaanbaatar, and it has set the goal of connecting all of Mongolia’s 21 provinces to the capital. Furthermore, given that the city’s current logistics facilities are regarded as inadequate, an integrated logistics centre being planned. This will be established as a public-private partnership and involve project financing from outside sources such as international organisations, development banks and private investors. The country is home to a number of local airlines; however, it has been suggested that the market is getting overcrowded and consolidation could be on the way in the future. Mongolia’s connections are likely to continue improving over the next few years as more roads are finished and after the new airport is operational.
This chapter contains an interview with G. Jargalsaikhan, President & CEO, MIAT Mongolian Airlines.