Transport & Logistics
From The Report: Mongolia 2013
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Its sparse population, landlocked location and extreme climate make developing Mongolia’s transportation and logistics infrastructure a challenge. The government is tapping into international markets to address its transportation and infrastructure issues, and in late November 2012 the country raised $1.5bn in a two-part bond offering. Diverse efforts are under way to improve transportation and logistics via roads, sea, and sky. Plans for a new airport are on the nation’s agenda, as an increase in air traffic is anticipated. Perhaps the most notable development, however, is the total of 5683.5 km of new railroads set to be built in three phases. These rail lines will link to existing tracks in eastern Russia, providing access to a key Pacific Ocean port. Enhancing rail transport capacity is vital to realising economic potential, both to facilitate exports of minerals and to import other goods.

This chapter contains an interview with A. Gansukh, Minister of Roads and Transport.