From The Report: Mongolia 2013
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Endowed with isolated, unspoilt nature and nomadic Buddhist culture, Mongolia has managed to develop a small but potentially profitable tourism sector that is expanding through support from the government and a focus on the adventure and nature segments. The country’s main sources of genuine leisure tourism over the past decade have been more affluent countries, including Japan, South Korea, North America and Western Europe. Tourist arrival numbers have fluctuated in recent years, although the country continues to attract visitors from across the globe. Some 460,360 tourists arrived in 2011, up 0.9% from 2010. The expansion of tourism may have been overshadowed by fast economic growth, but it remains a tribute to the country’s vibrant private sector and the attractions of the pristine landscape. While the development of new hotel infrastructure in Ulaanbaatar is necessary to cater to growing business travel, the government will certainly need to pay close attention to supporting smaller ecotourism projects and initiatives in the countryside in order to preserve options for tourists.

This chapter contains interviews with Ts. Oyungerel, Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and U. Jalsa, President and CEO, Nomadic Expeditions.