Telecoms and IT
From The Report: Mongolia 2012
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The communications sector in Mongolia has grown rapidly, with wireless telephony saturating the market within a decade of its introduction. The challenge now for providers is figuring out how to further monetise their customers, who generally have low incomes. Some companies are focusing on bundling, offering internet access and television along with phone subscriptions. On the IT side, the penetration of computers is low, although it nearly doubled between 2007 and 2008. The government has earned commendation for connecting with its citizens through technology, rising from 82nd position to 53rd rank on a UN E-government survey.
This chapter includes interviews with J. Bat-Erdene, Chairman, Information, Communication Technology and Post Authority (ICTPA); O. Batchuluun, President and CEO, Telecom Mongolia; and D. Bolor, CEO, Mobicom.