From The Report: Mexico 2018
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Steady progress has been made in the expansion and modernisation of Mexico’s health care sector in recent years. Some of these improvements have stemmed from the sector increasingly turning to public-private partnerships, with the private sector playing a larger role in operational management, outsourced services and construction. Major steps have also been taken to support the expansion of the country’s pharmaceutical industry. Although the country is very close to achieving its goal of universal coverage for all citizens, as per its constitutional mandate, some obstacles still remain, such as the gaps in insurance coverage between sectors. In particular, the rise of chronic illnesses and non-communicable diseases, combined with the added needs of the country’s ageing population, appear set to place additional stress the country’s health system, which is still not currently capable of tackling these emerging health issues. The sector will need to balance private and public actors, while at the same time boosting its domestic profile and attracting important international investment in key segments of the industry. This chapter includes an interview with Pablo Escandón Cusi, President, Mexican Health Foundation.