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From The Report: Mexico 2017
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The Mexican telecoms sector is one of the largest and most dynamic in Latin America. The government’s telecoms and broadcasting reforms, introduced through new legislation and a constitutional amendment in June 2013, are widely seen as some of the most successful changes made by the administration of President Peña Nieto. One sign of this is the contribution of the telecoms sector to GDP, which increased to around 3.6% in 2016, up from 2.6% five years earlier. In addition to telecoms, Mexico’s ICT sector has been experiencing strong growth in recent years. ICT exports have accounted for around 10% of Mexican manufacturing exports. In 2014 the value of Mexican ICT exports was $62.4bn, ranking the country as the world’s fifth-largest ICT exporter, behind China, the US, South Korea and Japan. There is clearly major scope to increase technology market penetration in Mexico, particularly by increasing digital management systems across manufacturing industry and services where take-up has so far been limited. The fundamentals of the technology sector point to strong medium and long-term growth.