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From The Report: Mexico 2015
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Since the early years of the maquiladora concept, a cross-border manufacturing government programme, the Mexican manufacturing sector has evolved significantly. Today, the well-established and globalised Mexican industrial sector is a much more specialised and nuanced market, with a stronger regulatory framework. In 2014 the sector saw its GDP increase by 4.22%, according to the National Council of the Maquiladora Industry, with clothing, paper, transport equipment, and machinery and equipment among the best performing sub-sectors. Meanwhile, contributing around 5% to the country’s total GDP in 2013, Mexico’s mining sector is among the top 10 world producers for at least 16 minerals. Though challenges remain, including stagnant local consumption, with a stronger regulatory framework the country is set to strengthen its position as a global player in manufacturing clusters, ranging from the well-established automotive industry to the rapidly developing aerospace manufacturing sector.

This chapter includes interviews with Manuel Herrera Vega, President, Concamin.