Logistics & Transport
From The Report: Mexico 2014
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As new constitutional reforms start to take shape, Mexico is investing heavily in its transport and logistics infrastructure. Increased economic activity has put pressure on the existent road and rail networks, prompting the current government to assign a bigger slice of the federal budget to the improvement of connections by land, sea and air. Total investment (public and private) in the transportation and communications sectors is expected to reach $99.45bn between 2013 and 2018. Between 54% and 57% of all of Mexico’s cargo depends on road transportation. In the coming years the government plans to add some 19,000 km of roads to the existing 377,000 km, alongside improvements to urban transportation, airports, ports and rail system. With its eyes set on becoming a regional transport hub, the government hopes a new public-private-partnership law, published in early 2012, will help attract more private investment into the sector.