From The Report: Malaysia 2016
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Malaysia’s ongoing commitment to education is evident in the amount it invests in the sector each year, usually at least 20% of the annual budget for all levels of learning, according to the World Bank. The result has been a sustained improvement in access to education, with close to universal enrolment at the primary and secondary level. Shifting the curriculum away from rote learning and closing the gap between rural and urban schools are key aims of ongoing education reforms, which also envisage more private sector involvement. This chapter contains a round table with Helen Bartlett, President and Chief Executive, Monash University; Wahid Bin Omar, Vice-Chancellor and President, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; Mohd bin Amin Jalaludin, President/Vice-Chancellor, University of Malaya; and Christine Ennew, CEO and Provost, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus; and an interview with Tunku ‘Abidin Muhriz, Founding President, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs.