Construction & Real Estate
From The Report: Malaysia 2016
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Over the years, large-scale public and private projects have dominated the activities of the Malaysian construction sector, driven by governmental and investor efforts to implement successive five-year plans aimed at becoming a developed nation. The 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP), covering 2016-20, focuses on transforming the construction sector, among other economic areas. Detailed under four main strategies, its goals for the sector include the continuation of a separate Construction Industry Transformation Programme, covering the same five-year period, which is meant to help the sector meet market demand and propel the industry into the international arena. Although 2016 is forecast to be a flat year for the real estate sector, there are excellent deals to be had for forward-looking investors and those able to invest without a bank loan. This chapter contains an interview with Mohamad Salim, Group Managing Director, Malaysia Resources Corporation.